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Get price

Call GGI Generators and get an ALL INCLUDED price.

Study on the internet for days or weeks, go to warehouse stores, call electrical contractors and HVAC companies.

Right size

Here at GGI Generators we work with you to choose the best fit for your needs and budget. INCLUDED

Call an electrician and ask him how much it costs to calculate for you what is the electric load of your house.

Generator placement

We do the site survey and work with you for the right location. INCLUDED

Learn online from someone who is doing it for the first time or ask somebody at the hardware store who’s never done it.

Right price

GGI Generators gives you an INCLUDED price, with no extra charges.

The lowest price only to find out about the extra charges after you bought it.

Shipping costs


Since they gave you the lowest price, shipping is extra.

Pad setup


You have to level out the place, or even pour a concrete pad yourself. If not, call a few concrete contractors and see if anybody bothers for such a “small” job. And then hope you picked the right location.

Set generator on pad


When it’s in your driveway, and it’s over 500 lbs, you bet it’s extra.

Electrical wiring


Call some electricians and find out how much extra money you need to pay. Also, many electricians have never worked on a generator.

Gas connection

You tell us which gas company you prefer and we coordinate with the gas company to make it happen. And it’s INCLUDED.

Call the gas companies and see when is great time for them to schedule the connection at the price they want.


We run a full electrical diagnostic and do all the safety testing. We then explain to you how the system works and simulate an outage so you know that it works. Oh, and it’s INCLUDED.

When the electrician leaves without starting the generator you have to start reading the manual if you are technically inclined or call the electrician again and pay him to read it for you.


We are here for our customers when they need us. GGI offers service and maintenance contracts so you can rest assured that the system is ready when an outage strikes.

If you are counting on the electrician or the gas company to help you with this think again. Neither of them knows how to service a generator.


GGI is your factory-authorized dealer. We take care of any warranty related issues that may arise. You don’t have to solve the problem yourself with the manufacturer. And of course it’s INCLUDED.

The warranty covers you only if the installation has been done correctly, and you can prove that all required maintenance has been done. Who is going to vouch for you?


GGI Generators

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